To Couch Doctor or Not to Couch Doctor?


I moved into my current apartment in the Lower East Side a few years ago. Before this apartment, I lived in one where the shower was in the kitchen, and there was only one sink for both the kitchen and the bathroom. It was… different, but definitely an experience.

So when the movers and I arrived at my new apartment, almost none of my furniture fit through the doorway. We struggled for a little bit, but the movers had to leave and we ended up leaving everything on the street outside of my apartment building. I asked a man off the street to help me move everything inside for a hundred dollars. We had to take most of the furniture apart, get everything inside, and then reassemble it all.

You’d think that I would have just accepted the fact that the LES is filled with tiny hallways and miniscule doorways and I should never buy any new furniture. Alas, I bought a couch and, when it was delivered, it didn’t fit through the doorway. I debated calling the Couch Doctor, a man who has made his living by coming to peoples’ small apartments, cutting their couches in half, and reassembling them inside the apartment for a hefty amount, but I decided against it. Instead, I sent the couch back and bought one from Ikea that comes unassembled and can be put together fairly easily. As every New Yorker has said at one point or another, thank god for Ikea.

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