Gramercy’s Neighborhood Dog

IMG_1645I bought my dog Luci from a breeder in Florida seven years ago. I went to Newark in the pouring rain to get her when she weighed less than a pound. Ever since I brought her home she’s been the talk of the neighborhood. I’ve lived in the same place for several years, and before I had Luci, I don’t think anybody recognized me in Gramercy. Now, they still don’t recognize me, but they do recognize Luci. Everybody loves her.

At my nail salon, the ladies take pictures of her and send them around to all of their friends. The pizza guy down the block asks about her every time I go in, even if she isn’t with me. He gives her grilled chicken free of charge! The guy at the deli counter gives her slices of turkey. All of them have Luci as the background on their phones.

When I walk around my neighborhood with Luci, she gets greeted by name at least a dozen times.  I don’t remember the last time anyone asked me for my name. I’ve had grown men stop me and ask if they can take a picture of Luci for their wives. One time, my building manager came over to fix my sink. I walked away for a minute and when I came back there was a full on photo shoot going on and Luci was loving every second of it. She loves the attention.

I have been asked if she’s fake on more than one occasion; I can asure you that she is real. She is a wonderful dog, and it’s been pretty amazing to see how much joy she gives to everyone in the neighborhood.

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