I just want to be tenured


I’ve been a teacher in Bushwick for a few years, and I was up for tenure. I worked on my tenure portfolio for months. I put my blood, sweat, and tears into this portfolio, but my principal wouldn’t make time to review it with me. Finally, she scheduled an appointment for us to meet on a Tuesday morning.

I made sure I woke up early, and while I was getting ready I started to hear a hissing sound. I went into my kitchen and there was steam and water billowing out from under the sink. The water was rising fairly quickly. There is a valve under the stink that regulates the flow of water, so I tried turning it to shut off the water, but it wouldn’t budge. So, I called my landlord and he said someone would take care of it.

I thought I had been quite clear that there was a flood happening in my apartment at that very moment, but alas, my landlord was confused and thought it was the kind of problem that could wait until later that night when the super was done at his day job. After a lot of back and forth, he said a plumber would be coming by soon.

I called my school and cancelled my tenure appointment. I had to go down to the first floor because water was coming down through the ceiling, but the tenant down there didn’t speak English or Spanish so I couldn’t figure out how to explain that he should unplug everything in case of an electric fire.

Eventually the plumber showed up and he turned the water off. There was no electrical fire, but there was a lot of water and a great deal of household items had been damaged. The part that sucked was that my principal thought I was blowing her off even though I had been the one trying to get ahold of her for weeks! I ended up asking my landlord and the plumber for the bills, and showed the principal pictures of the incident so that she would believe me and reschedule my review. Now, I’m tenured and the plumber and I get along so well that he treats me like an old friend!

3 thoughts on “I just want to be tenured

  1. Your story is a beautiful example of hard work and PERSEVERANCE!. I teach children with varying exceptionalities. These characteristics will be critical for them to succeed in life. I tell them to “Never give up! When things are hard try harder.”. I pray that they have the tenacity that you had in securing your tenure. Congratulations and best wishes! You truly deserve it .


  2. Sad that you had to go to such measures to prove yourself honest, but that lesson was one of perseverance and will carry you through many others. Life happens and unfortunately we can’t always plan for it. I love that you didn’t give up and got your deserved tenure. God continue to bless you on your journey as you continue to be a blessing to those children.


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